Friday, April 16, 2010

Best. Week. Ever.

It was a great week for South Florida sports fans.

The Florida Marlins optioned Emilio Bonifacio down to AAA New Orleans to, "get regular at bats." That's code for "because he sucks and offers nothing for us at the big league level." Also, relief pitcher Jose Veras was waived. Veras, in his brief stint performed at a level somewhere between volatile Renyel Pinto and abominable Jorge Julio. Thank God he wasn't afforded as much time as Julio. The only downside is that nobody claimed him and he is back with the Marlins organization at AAA New Orleans.

The Miami Heat finished up the regular season with a laughably awful double-overtime win over the Nets which gave them a 47-35 record and a 5-seed for the playoffs. They will face the Boston Old Clowns Celtics. The real good news came on Friday as commissioner David Stern said the projected salary cap for next season is $56.1 million. This is higher than the $53 million that has been reported before and offers the Heat even more room to sign free agents. One Eastern Conference executive said, "Miami can re-sign Wade, add a max player and another $9-10 million guy. They control free agency." Sweet!

Amazingly all of that was topped by the number one team down here, the Miami Dolphins. On Wednesday they completed a trade for pro bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall. I could gush about it him for another 500 words, but you've probably read enough and know his credentials. I'll just say this move was much needed and is seemingly great. If that wasn't enough, on Friday they found a buyer for Ted Ginn, the San Francisco 49ers. Terrific. I was fine with just letting him go and perpetually hating Cam Cameron. But instead, we got a draft pick and some mild cap relief for the next couple years! Also it fueled endless Ted Ginn jokes on the internet. You can see all of mine by clicking here.

Florida Panthers? Well that joke of a franchise had their season end on Sunday. That's about the best news you can ever expect from them.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Marlins Pick Up Where They Left Off

Whoa... what is this place? Sorry again for the HUGE lack of posting in recent months, but with baseball season starting up again today, I'll try to make this a more regular thing.

The Florida Marlins started off their 2010 World Series campaign today, and frankly, they picked up right where they left off last season by stranding a small village on the basepaths today against the Mets.

Last season, we noted the troubles the Marlins -- particularly Jeremy Hermida -- had at times with leaving runners on base when innings ended. Well, the Marlins got rid of Hermida in the offseason, however, in their season-opening 7-1 loss to the Mets, the Marlins still managed to leave seven men on base.

Josh Johnson didn't seem to have it today, as he labored through five innings of work, giving up four earned runs and struggling with a tight strike-zone compared to the one Johan Santana was afforded, but I won't get into that too much because the Marlins defense didn't help JJ's cause much, committing three errors on Monday afternoon.

But let us not approach the ledge just yet... after all, it was just the season-opener, and guys are still adjusting to from spring training. Let's just hope we don't have to bring back this image from last season, you know, except with someone other than Hermida.

Oh yeah, one more note before I leave you: since we noted the Marlins' struggles with stranding runners last season, but were too lazy to actually tally the totals each game and keep some sort of data -- that, and it was already mid-season by the time we noted those troubles -- we are going to attempt to keep track of the number of players the Marlins leave on the bases each game. Yes, it will be tedious, and could get difficult on the days where I am unable to watch the game due to other priorities, but I'm going to give it a shot.