Monday, November 16, 2009

What the New LA Stadium Means for the Jaguars

Los Angeles has been trying to bring the NFL back to their city. I, like many football fans, believe that the NFL would only get better by installing a franchise in one of the top markets in the country, let alone the world. Information on the stadium can be found at this site.

Feel free to check it out and provide feedback on it if you would like. This story is not about the intricacies of the stadium, but more so about the professional franchise that would inhabit it. Will a new group come together and form an expansion team? Possibly, but another possibility would be the re-location of a franchise that already exists. Leading candidate for relocation: The Jacksonville Jaguars

Wayne Weaver's franchise has had a very hard time making revenue over the past decade. The team's games are constantly being blacked out in an effort to try and sell more tickets, but people still are not filling the stands. Jersey sales are not exactly going as fast as say a divisional rival Colts jersey. The team is not even as bad as the state-rival Bucs. When you stop and actually look at what is going on in Jacksonville...they boast the state of Florida's best record at 5-4!

Despite all of this, the franchise is still having a terribly difficult time thriving in Jacksonville that the powers-that-be must start asking themselves "Is Jacksonville really the best place for our franchise?" We will know a lot more in the coming years as this stadium is built. I Believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars have one last stand plotted out to give the actual die-hard Jags fan some hope that their team will not leave them. Who/What is their last hope? I think everyone already knows the answer to that.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have already come out and said that they are interested in using their first round draft pick to draft Florida Gator Quarterback Tim Tebow. Now, I am among those that believe that Tebow does not have the ability to hack it as an NFL quarterback, but this is the smartest move that the Jaguars organization can make at this juncture.

Let's face it, Tebow was born and raised in Jacksonville - making him a local hero to many. Tebow would be drafted to put some more Jags fans in the stands, and it wouldn't end there. Tebow's Jaguar jersey would definitely be a hot sell, and that would help bring in jersey revenue that MJD is trying to bring in all by himself.

The final part of this trifecta would be that the media, as we all know, loves Tebow. Therefore, Jacksonville would definitely get a lot more coverage than it is used to, and the attention could also make some people in the Jacksonville area notice what they have.

If Operation Tebow fails in Jacksonville then there is obviously no hope for an NFL franchise to be successful in that city. Weaver won't have to pack it all in though...there's a nice stadium waiting for him in a fantastic market that is craving an NFL franchise.

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