Thursday, November 12, 2009

UM's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

Nike has decided to let 10 other schools get the chance to be the Oregon Ducks for one game this season. The Pro Combat Jerseys are labeled as the “the next generation” of jerseys. The 10 schools that will be getting the chance to be among the first to test-drive the Pro Combats will be: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, TCU, FSU, Ohio State, Mizzou, LSU, VT, and Miami. My colleague Tom will be reviewing the jersey for his beloved Gators, but now it is time for me to critique “the future.”

I can try and try all I want to try and say that these jerseys are cool because I love "The U," but that would be like trying and trying to convince myself that "Spiderman 3" was a quality movie all over again. The jersey just looks downright tacky. The white jersey, pants, AND BELTS?! I know this is Miami, but I didn’t know that Nike wanted the Canes to endorse the Santeria following in Hispanic South Florida. Also, what’s up with the two color tones on the number? [Ed. note: CGB points this out as the "my first Photoshop effect" gradient in his VT Pro Combat uniform review]

Did the people at Nike actually think that this was aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of football fans everywhere? Really, Nike?


The only thing I can hang my hat on is that we don’t look like a glorified arena football team and Atlanta Falcon’s love child (DAG GUMMIT!). I can also proudly say that this jersey still at least looks like a Miami Hurricanes jersey (Go Bayou Huskies?).

I will agree with the majority of fans out there that believe that the gloves are a redeeming quality of these jerseys. I am a fan of how the gloves say “The U” on the Velcro straps for Miami’s jersey, and the camouflage is a fun coincidence. I love how "The U" logo is formed on the palms of the gloves, though.
However, the gloves are not redeeming enough, and therefore I will not be endorsing “the future.” I am glad that the Canes will only be forced to wear these things for one game. Hopefully Jacory Harris can be creative and think of something to add appeal to Miami’s Pro Combat edition. The new jersey is trash, and for once I’m not talking about the state.


  1. Yeah, maybe Jacory could spice it up with a Louis Vuitton ascot, or a diamond-studded pimp cup.
    /just sayin'

  2. the jerseys are sick they are AWESOME

  3. Im Cane alumni from the early 90's, and I like the jerseys. I thinks its nice to change things up a little with uniforms sometimes, as long as its not extreme.

  4. Man this uniform is ugly. The two toned numbers killed it.

  5. the uniform looks clean and crisp,2toned numbers are a great twist good job Nike

  6. These uniforms are very well done. Not too over the top but extremely different.

    The two-tone numbers relate to the "U" logo and the stripes on the pants and opposite colored shoes share the same quality.

    For such an avid UM fan you fail to realize that the "camoflage" on the gloves is actually a meteorological view of a hurricane as seen on dopler radar. The shoulder on the undershirt shares this aesthetic.

    They tried too hard on most of the other uniforms. Miami's uniforms have been odd the last few years what with random stripes and piping. This is modern yet has a certain Cane nostalgia about itself.

  7. It's not actually camo.... It's like a radar image of a hurricane. It is on the shoulder of the workout shirts too, but it's too big for the gloves, so it looks like camo.

  8. we needed more color in orange and green.besides the great players we have the U and our colors make us.not this white and camo

  9. how do you get them gloves

  10. i will pay anything to get them gloves