Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nu'Keese's Troubles and The Irony of It All

For those who didn't already hear -- and even for those who did -- three Tennessee Vols football players were arrested early Thursday morning and charged with attempted armed robbery. Among the three arrested was Nu'Keese Richardson. Yes, that same Nu'Keese Richardson who spurned the Gators and Coach Urban Meyer at the last minute to sign with Lane Kiffin and the Vols.

While I always hate seeing athletes who are given every chance to succeed go and do something so asinine to blow the opportunities granted to them, I can't help but laugh at the details of this heist.

Nu'Keese, and the other two players (Janzen Jackson and Mike Edwards), attempted to rob someone outside of a Pilot on the Knoxville Strip. Funny fact number one: the Pilot is apparently owned by a UT alum, and former football player that is a big athletic booster for the university.

After attempting to rob a vehicle at gunpoint -- with a pellet gun (that's funny fact number two)-- the three left with no valuables. Later, the car that was described at the scene was pulled over on campus. The escape vehicle: a Toyota Prius. Yes, this was an Eco-friendly robbery attempt. You might want to mark that as funny fact number three. After searching the vehicle, police found drug paraphernalia and a bag of marijuana (bonehead/funny fact number four).

Seriously people, you can't make this stuff up. It's almost on par with the Delonte West arrest this summer (but nothing compares to the hilarity of his arrest).

The cherry on top of this story, especially if you are a Gator fan (which I clearly am), is that on Wednesday, Lane Kiffin was boasting about how the Vols' football program had recorded zero arrests in the 11 months since he was hired. Oh, the irony. The timing of it all makes it that much more comical.

The only thing I'm waiting for in this story is the part where Kiffin reminds the media that Meyer also tried to recruit Richardson (because he can never resist trying to take a shot at the Gators).

As for the punishments for these players? Well, we will have to wait and see what happens.

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