Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Which I Apologize to Ted Ginn Jr.

After last week's demoralizing loss, I finally jumped off the Ted Ginn Jr. bandwagon, and, like the rest of Miami, I ripped him for his poor performance. I said it was the last straw for me as a believer in Ginn's ability.

And then he went and did what he did today against the oh-so-hated Jets. Ginn had 299 return yards, and two kickoffs returned for touchdowns of at least 100 yards each.

I'm not about to go and recant everything I said about Ginn, or jump back on his bandwagon. However, I feel an apology is due. So here it is: I apologize for saying there is no spot for you on this Dolphins roster, Ted Ginn. Let's face it, the truth is that you do have a spot on this team... just not as the no. 1 receiver.

After today's performance against the Jets, it is quite clear that you are the threat on kick returns that the franchise expected you to be, and probably a career slot receiver.

And while I will not jump back on the bandwagon that I once seemingly piloted, I will not show the disdain for you that I felt after last weekend. I will settle for indifference. But please, Ted Ginn, do keep up the good work, because this team needs everything it can get.

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