Monday, November 9, 2009

Five Things We Think We Think We Might Know: Week 10

Okay, so I flaked on this post last week, and I apologize. But rest assured, loyal readers, I'm back with a fresh five things we think we think we might know.

1. When Notre Dame loses, America wins. I quipped about this on Saturday, but I'll go at it again. Everyone hates Notre Dame, it's no secret. So when Notre Dame loses, America wins. And since this weekend, Notre Dame lost to Navy -- a branch of America's armed forces -- America won twice! Also, the loss means we don't have to see Notre Dame back its way into a BCS bowl.

2. Iowa got the Dennis Dixon treatment. The Hawkeyes were undefeated heading into the weekend, and then against Northwestern, Ricky Stanzi went down with a leg injury. Much like 2007 when Dennis Dixon went down for Oregon, and they dropped from No. 2 in the BCS to playing in the Sun Bowl. Hopefully Stanzi's injury won't have that drastic of an effect on this Iowa team, as they still control their own destiny in the Big 10.

3. Boise State is going to get screwed this season. If things shape out the way we think they will, Boise State is going to be left out of a BCS bowl. TCU, also undefeated, also non-BCS conference, jumped to fourth in the BCS poll this week. So Boise will end up playing somewhere other than Pasadena, Glendale, Miami or New Orleans come bowl season. But things rarely shape up as we expect them to in college football.

4. Jahvid Best is lucky to be walking. That fall he had on Saturday was blood-curdling, and beyond scary. It's usually never a good sign to see a player motionless on the ground (after landing on his back/neck) and then get carted off the field on a stretcher and being pumped oxygen. Fortunately for Best, he only suffered a concussion and has movement in all of his extremities.

5. Arguably the best QB in the nation is likely out for the rest of the season. No, not Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy or Case Keenum. Christian Ponder, FSU's star QB separated his shoulder in Saturday's loss to Clemson. It's a shame, because Ponder has been putting up ridiculous numbers and would probably be contending for a Heisman if it wasn't for FSU's Swiss cheese defense.

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