Monday, October 26, 2009

The Week 8 "4th and Fail" College Football Top 10

Each writer for this blog, weekly, will compile their own top ten college football ballot. For each ballot, first place gets ten points, second place gets nine, and so on. We will then add together the totals and bring to you our collective poll. With that said, I present to you the Week 7 "4th and Fail" College Football Poll.

Here's last week's poll, as a reference point for you all.

Final Ballot (with Total Points in parentheses)

1. Alabama(29)
2. Florida (28)
3. Texas (24)
4. Iowa (20)
5. Cincinnati (17)
6. USC (13)
7. Oregon (9)
T-8. TCU (8)
T-8. Boise State (8)
10. Georgia Tech (5)
Others receiving votes: LSU (4)

The voting breakdown is as follows, with brief explanations from each writer:

-TV's ballot.

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. Cincinnati
5. Iowa
6. TCU
7. Boise State
8. USC
9. Oregon
10. Georgia Tech

Explanation: I put Florida back at number 1, just because they looked better than Alabama this weekend (plus if you use the transitive property of college football, Florida beat Tennessee by more than Bama did). It's stupid to switch these two teams, as long as they keep winning, because one of them will be eliminated come the first week of December. The rest of the top five stays the same, seeing as how they are all undefeated. TCU comes in at sixth after its impressive win in Provo against BYU. Boise State could very well go undefeated, but that could be for naught if TCU wins out, too, but more on that later. USC and Oregon faceoff this weekend, and one of them will drop out of next week's ballot, too. Then GT checks in at tenth, since they have one loss and control their own destiny in the ACC.

- Ted's ballot

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Iowa
5. Cincinnati
6. USC
7. LSU
8. Georgia Tech
9. Boise St.
10. Oregon

Explanation: DIAF Ted Ginn. Seriously. [Ed. Note: Okay, this isn't exactly an explanation, but Ted didn't have time to write one, but he did say those words about Ginn. I guess someone had something on his mind while filling out his ballot this week.]

- Wooj's ballot

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Iowa
5. Oregon
6. USC
7. Cincinnati
8. TCU
9. Boise State
10. Georgia Tech

Explanation: Alabama remains on top because Florida was not impressive in their win. Texas closed the gap between them and the top 2, but not enough to crack the top 2. However, with the “play-in game” known as the SEC title game looking more and more likely to be #1 against #2, I’d have to say they are sitting pretty. Iowa’s last second touchdown grab has given them the #4 spot in my poll this week. I have Oregon and USC at 5 and 6 (and ahead of Cincy) because they will have a showdown this week in which one will emerge as the cream of the crop in the Pac-10, and Oregon keeps on impressing me more every week. Therefore, the winner will end up ahead of Cincy in next weeks poll, and the other below so I’m setting up the match right now. TCU comes in at 8 and jumps fellow non-BCS team Boise State simply because TCU has played a more difficult schedule than the Broncos. Georgia Tech was impressive in their win this week, and with the Hurricanes of Miami falling out the ten, GT is now the top shelf bottle of the ACC.

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