Monday, October 26, 2009

The Real Losers from the Past Week In Sports...

... are South Florida sports fans. It was a terrible week for South Florida sports fans. Let's give it a rundown, shall we?

- The Phillies (one of the Marlins' most-hated rivals) won the pennant in the NL.
- The Yankees won the AL pennant, and as we all know, fans of Miami teams have a natural instinct to hate any and all teams from New York.

Of course, the combination of the first two things means that one of those teams will win the World Series. And as I've said before in the past week: as a person from Miami, I hate teams from New York; as a Marlins fan, I hate the Phillies; and as a decent human being, I hate Philadelphians.

- The Dolphins lost to the Saints despite a dominating first half where they, at one point, led 24-3 against arguably the best team in the league. It all went down hill from there, and the Saints scored the final 22 points of the game.

- The Hurricanes lost, painfully, in overtime to Clemson in football. While I personally took joy in this, I know most South Floridians are fans of the Hurricanes, and this was a crushing loss for them.

- There's also the egg that USF laid against the Pittsburgh Wannstaches, and of course, Florida's underwhelming offensive performance against Mississippi State.

Collectively, South Floridians are the real losers in sports this weekend, and it was about the equivalent of a medicine ball to the groin area.

Now, let's end this awful weekend for sports, South Floridians. And let's hope that this next week of sports turns around, and another win against the Jets would be a great way to do so.

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