Monday, October 26, 2009

No Cinderellas In This Pumpkin Month: Baseball Got It Right

Sorry baseball fans, the clock has struck midnight and the World Series will be played between the two top teams in baseball. We will not see Joe Torre’s Dodgers play the Yankees this year.

The Angels will not play for the title of World Series Champions in honor of the fallen Nick Adenhart.

The Cardinals will not meet the Yankees in a battle of the first and second most successful franchises in baseball (in terms of World Series victories).

No, there will be none of this baseball fans. Instead, we will see the defending World Series Champions play the most dominant team in the AL this season. We will get to see Ryan Howard vs. A-Rod in a battle of power hitters, and we will also get to see the Phillies pitchers duel with the Yankees (Cliff Lee vs. CC Sabathia in Game 1 sounds like a lot of fun). This series, like any series, will try to muster up some sort of storyline such as Pedro Martinez pitching against the Yankees once again, but fans should look forward to the two top teams slugging it out for the right to be called champion.

It seems this year, that the playoffs got it right, and we will get to see the two teams that deserve to be playing for a World Series. Some might try and hype it as potentially the greatest World Series of all-time (probably hyperbole) ... instead, I will hype it as the Anti-Mets Series

So let's play ball, gents, and find out who truly is the best team this season.

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