Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marc Curles and His Crew Won't Be Blowing Calls for a Few Weeks

The good commissioner giveth, and the good commissioner taketh away. At least, that's the case with SEC commissioner Mike Slive today after he suspended Marc Curles (that's him over to the left) and his officiating crew.

The suspension comes after Curles and his crew blew a couple of calls late in the Florida-Arkansas game this past Saturday, in which the Gators eked out a 23-20 victory. The officiating crew also called a questionable excessive celebration penalty on Georgia's AJ Green a couple of weeks prior that may have directly effected the outcome of the game, which Georgia lost to LSU.

Slive suspended the crew until November 14, citing that the crew has not met the standards expected of them in calling games.

I believe this is the right move; however, why just suspend them a few games? They have shown
that they are not fit to properly officiate games, having impacted the outcome of two highly-touted SEC games in recent weeks. Yes, they are humans and calls are based on their judgment, but clearly this crew's judgment has been clouded this season.

As I mentioned, Curles and his crew return from suspension on November 14. That weekend, Florida visits South Carolina (both are currently ranked), No. 1 Alabama visits Mississippi State and Auburn and Georgia also face off, among other games. Don't expect that crew to be assigned to any of those high-profile games. Instead, I'm sure we will probably see them at the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game in Nashville, or maybe even in Fayetteville for the Troy-Arkansas game.

At least in those games, if the crew makes any mistakes, it won't have any implications on the national picture.

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