Monday, October 26, 2009

In Which I No Longer Defend Ted Ginn Jr.

I've tried to be both reasonable and optimistic about Ted Ginn Jr. as a Miami Dolphins wide receiver. I've tried to convince myself time and time again that he wasn't a bust, or a reach, after the Dolphins drafted him ninth overall in the 2007 draft. But Sunday was the breaking point for me as an optimist.

Back in the preseason, I wrote this about Ted Ginn possibly becoming the go-to receiver for the Dolphins. Well, Sunday has made me take it all back.

Now, don't get me wrong, Ginn, like many other underachieving athletes, has had his share of instances where he has shown signs of legitimacy, and even brilliance. Take the Jets game a couple of weeks ago, where Ginn, who was being covered by Darelle Revis (arguably the best cover-corner in the NFL). In previous games this season, Revis shut down both Randy Moss and Andre Johnson; but Ginn made him look foolish on a bomb from Chad Henne that resulted in a touchdown.

But then, of course, there are days like Sunday, where Ginn makes you forget about anything beneficial he may have ever done for the team, and instead, those flashes of brilliance from him that sit in the back of my mind turn into rage, and hatred, for him as a player.

There are the drops, where Ginn should easily have the catch, but instead focuses on trying to run after the catch and looks upfield, rather than looking the ball into his grip. And, of course, there's the play where he bobbles a nice throw from Henne, and practically hands it to two defensive backs, and it results in a pick six for the Saints.

After Ginn's big game against the Jets, I also went out on a limb and said that Henne could be the best thing to happen to Ginn as a receiver. Hell, that could still be true, but I don't care anymore.

While it would be wrong of me to place the blame for Sunday's devastating loss solely on your (and your family's!) shoulders, Ginn; you certainly didn't help your team's effort to try to win the game.

When it gets to the point where my mom texts me and tells me that you're not very good, then you've really proven yourself as a failure, because, keep in mind, my mom was the same person that kind of defended the Marlins' Emilio Bonifacio (at least from me talking bad about him for a month).

So that's it, Ted Ginn, you may have just lost the last person within the Dolphins fan base (that's not in your family) that believed in you. You have deceived me, and other fans, long enough. I no longer feel you are welcomed on this Dolphins roster, and I would have much rather the team drafted Hakeem Nicks in this past year's first round. Good day, sir, I will defend you no more.

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