Monday, October 19, 2009

Five Things We Think We Think We Might Know: Week 7

Are we really seven weeks into the college football season already? Wow. This weekend taught us a few things... we think. There are still five undefeated teams remaining in the six BCS conferences, but I'm sure that will change in the weeks to come. Anyways, here's what we think we think we might know after seven weeks of college football.

1. Mark Ingram might be the Heisman front-runner at the moment. Against South Carolina on Saturday, Ingram ran for 246 yards on 24 carries. He has 905 yards and 8 scores so far this season. While the big names that everyone thought would contend for the award this season have not distanced themselves from the pack, Ingram is slowly coming out of nowhere and getting some Heisman love.

2. It looks like we might need this to solve the ACC again this year. Georgia Tech's win over Virginia Tech puts a three-way tie (for second at the moment) between those teams in the ACC Coastal division. Things could get wacky again... though I think the wackiest part is that Virginia is currently the leader in the ACC clubhouse.

3. Sam Bradford should have taken the money and run. He re-aggravated his shoulder on Saturday on the second drive against Texas in the Red River Rivalry. He probably should have gone pro after winning the Heisman and almost a BCS title last season, but what's done is done. Let's just hope the kid doesn't further injure himself and cost himself millions of dollars in draft stock.

4. Defense wins games (and championships). See: Florida Gators. Simple as that. UF's defense kept them in the game despite the offense turning the ball over four times. They kept the Razorbacks' offense in check long enough for Tim Tebow and company to claw their way back and escape with a three-point victory on homecoming weekend for the Gators.

5. Marc Curles and his officiating crew aren't good at their job. The same SEC officiating crew that called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Georgia's AJ Green a couple of weeks ago against LSU, also officiated the UF-Arkansas game. The SEC said today that the crew blew a couple of calls down the stretch of the game, that may have cost Arkansas the upset. I can't comment on the calls myself, as I was in the stands and didn't have the advantage of seeing them on replay multiple times. But seriously, this crew needs to stop blowing games, and let the players decide the outcome.


  1. Don't kid yourself. You guys didn't win that game with defense, the refs won that game for you plain and simple.

    What is the going rate on calls like that? A few thousand?

  2. If you look at number 5, I mention they are the same crew. But UF's defense kept them in it through 3 quarters, despite playing without the anchor of the defense (Brandon Spikes). Spikes' absence was probably the only reason Arkansas was able to muster up a running game in the second half.