Monday, October 12, 2009

Five Things We Think We Think We Might Know: Week 6

Six weeks into the season means the contenders are starting to separate themselves from the frauds... or something like that. I know it means that college football is awesome, that's for sure. It's so awesome that it makes me serve you guys up a list of five things we think we think we might know.

1. UF might have the best college defense since Miami in 2001. It's still kind of early in the season, but this UF defense is for real. We all know they returned the entire 2-deep roster from last year's national championship defense, but what they have done thus far this season has been impressive. Yes, it's a lofty comparison, as half of UM's defense from that year have multiple Pro Bowl appearances, but this UF defense has a lot of first-round talent... and they are dominating opposing offenses, allowing just 6.4 points per game and 202.4 total yards per game. If they keep this up, they could go down as one of the best defenses ever.

2. Virginia Tech can contend if the offense keeps it up. There's not much more to that point, except that VT is putting up 34.2 points per game. Take that, and factor in special teams play that they are noted for, and you've got a legitimate contender. If the keep it up, they might seriously make a run at a title this season.

3. This Thursday is a big night for the Big East. USF and Cincinnati face off on Thursday night. They are currently the only two Big East teams that are ranked, and both are undefeated. This game could be a big factor in deciding who will win the conference. Did I mention it's a Thursday night game, because that's where upsets happen, so things could get interesting... but more on that later this week, I promise.

4. Washington might have the play of the season so far. For those that missed it, it's embedded below. Down 33-28 with just under three minutes left in the game, Mason Foster picked off a pass that caromed off the Arizona wide receiver's foot, and returned it for the game-winning score. Most impressive play of the season so far? Possibly. Keep in mind, Washington also has arguably the biggest upset win of the year, too, in their triumph over USC earlier this season.

5. Sam Bradford's shoulder seems to be just fine, thank you. He missed a month's worth of games, and the Sooners lost two without him. But he returned to the helm of the offense for Oklahoma on Saturday, and his numbers were as follows: 27/49 for 389 yards, 1 touchdown and no interceptions. Yeah, that shoulder seems to have healed up quite nicely.

BONUS! Texas Tech's quarterbacks are definitely a product of the system they play in. The Red Raiders' backup quarterback, Steven Sheffield, threw for 490 yards and 7 scores. That gives him 780 yards and 11 touchdowns in essentially one and a half games. Taylor Potts, owner of the greatest mustache in college football, put up similar monster numbers in his stint taking snaps this season, and we all recall Graham Harrell's numbers last season: more than 5,000 yards and 45 touchdowns. As CGB pointed out in his Saturday observations, he could probably lead Texas Tech to a score... or seven.

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