Monday, October 5, 2009

Five Things We Think We Think We Might Know

We're five weeks into the college football season, and teams are getting into the meat of their schedules. It also means things are starting to get a lot more clear in the college football landscape. So let's see what we think we think we might know this week.

1. Virginia Tech is a legitimate team. They are the cream of the one-loss crop. They have wins over a ranked Nebraska and a ranked UM team, the same UM team that has defeated three (at the time) ranked teams in four games. VT's one loss is to arguably the best team in the country, Alabama, on an (almost) neutral site. If they can get solid play out of Tyrod Taylor, I like VT's chances to win the ACC.

2. ESPN has a very unhealthy obsessions with Greg Paulus. Flashback to earlier this year, when former-Duke point guard Greg Paulus decided he wanted to play a year of college quarterback, despite not playing football since high school. ESPN was all over the story: "Oh look! A scrappy, decent basketball player at a high profile basketball school wants to play football for a horrible team for a year." Yeah, it got old fast, and it's even worse considering his play on the field. On Saturday, against USF, Paulus threw five interceptions (or as the kids say, he pulled a Delhomme). If it weren't for the media's attention for Paulus, would anyone care about Syracuse football? That's what I thought.

3. UM still isn't back, but the program has made significant strides over the last two seasons. This is the last time I'm going to argue this point for a while, so calm down UM fans (that includes you: Ted and Wooj). Personally, I'd like to wait for a whole season to play out, instead of four game, to anoint UM as being 'back.' But keep in mind, they just finished a gauntlet four-game streak against four ranked teams, losing only to VT. The U's win against FSU is looking less impressive by the week, as FSU seems to be in a tailspin right now, at 2-3, with one of those wins against a non-FBS school. But Miami beat Oklahoma on Saturday night, and while Oklahoma was without Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham, remember that Miami is just two seasons removed from losing to Oklahoma 51-13. Now, UM, try not to get ahead of yourselves and lose to a lesser opponent (or do, I'm totally fine with that).

4. Boise State gets no love from the pollsters. Last week, in the AP poll, Boise State was ranked fifth. This past weekend, they won again, improving to 5-0... and they were jumped by a one-loss Virginia Tech team in this week's poll that was released Sunday. Granted, Virginia Tech is legit (see above), if this happens to Boise State now, what happens towards the end of the season if they're still undefeated, but a couple of major BCS teams have one loss?

5. At some point, referees need to just swallow the whistle. Prime example being in Saturday's LSU-Georgia game. Georgia's AJ Green (who is a freak of nature at wide receiver, for the record) caught a go-ahead touchdown in the final minutes of the game. He was then mobbed by his teammates in all the commotion and emotion. He was then flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for excessive celebration, for something that was hardly excessive, or unsportsmanlike. It cost Georgia 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff, and instead of having to go maybe 60 or 70 yards in minimal time, LSU only had to go 43 yards for the game-winning score. It was a call that impacted the outcome of the game, and while the refs did make up for it with the same call after LSU's touchdown, it doesn't make either call right. The kids are caught up in the emotion of the moment, let them embrace with their teammates (like Green did), and don't penalize them for it.

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