Friday, September 18, 2009

Today, We Talk College Football. A Lot.

We're going to have a pretty decent amount of posts (by our standards) coming in today, all of them are scheduled to be about college football. I'm sure none of you have any complaints about that, since college football rules the world from September until early-January. Agreed? Agreed.

Here's what we've got on deck for you all today:

-Three... yes THREE posts that discuss the Canes. What kind of bizarro world is this? See what happens when I add Canes to my staff? Wait, you mean to tell me that I wrote two of the posts? Well then... this should be interesting.

- We also plan to throw up a college football link dump, for everything college football that you need to know for this weekend.

- I personally will also have a couple of posts that I am doing for College Game Balls and Souvenir City that I will link to. It will be glorious.

That is all for now, we hope you enjoy our Friday offerings, because we know you don't want to accomplish anything on Friday because you're too busy thinking about the weekend, and college football, of course.

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