Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Revenge: Thoughts on UM - GT from a Canes Fan

I told the captain of this ship, Tomas Verde, that the Hurricanes would not allow the Yellow Jackets to gain over 200 yards of rushing offense. I felt confident in that notion before the game, but now I sort of feel soft for looking so conservative.

The U only allowed Paul Johnson’s prolific triple option offense to amass 95 yards of total rushing! I told anyone that was willing to listen that Miami would dominate tonight’s game, and they surely did not let me down. Jacory Harris made the bold statement of saying that what is slowly becoming referred to as “Whipple Ball” could not be stopped. The Miami Hurricanes offense was able to support J12’s theory by gaining a very respectable 454 yards of total offense. Harris played another fantastic game via a 20/25 outing that was good for 270 yards and three glorious touchdowns to Laron Byrd[man], Dedrick Epps, and Miami fan-favorite JIMMY GRAHAM!

The only complaint that I have for this otherwise perfect team performance was that they let up in the fourth quarter a bit. I’m not an advocate for running up the score a la Steve Spurrier (kudos to Randy Shannon for not going for it out of respect for Paul Johnson), but the Canes looked a little lackadaisical for a few minutes. The Miami secondary allowed Josh Nesbitt to connect with Demaryius Thomas for a 56-yard touchdown. Matt Bosher, a Groza hopeful, missed his first two career field goals from inside of 40 yards. If you missed it like Bosher did, then all you had to do was see the look on Shannon’s face as he gave the 2008 Canes MVP a piercing stare. Bosher will undoubtedly be able to get back on track.

The Canes tentative performance to put away the opposition will surely be critiqued by the Miami coaching staff, and I think it will help the Canes in the long run. Miami will know how to take the opposition out of a game if given the opportunity next weekend in Blacksburg. The baby Canes are still learning, but they are looking a lot more dangerous every time we see them take the field.

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