Friday, September 18, 2009

Putting The Early "Jacory Harris for Heisman" Talk to Rest

I stole this pic from Souvenir City, who got it from // Harris shouldn't strike that pose yet.

I'm a Gator, and as TD pointed out in his introduction Wednesday, I'm currently outnumbered by Canes in my own blog. So you know I had to come along and put them in their place.

The 'Canes are 2-0, after sneaking out of Doak Campbell with a win on Labor Day and by throttling "top 15-ranked" Georgia Tech. While I'll have something else about that later on, probably tomorrow, this post is about Jacory Harris.

The sophomore out of Miami Northwestern has been, for lack of better words, brilliant in his first two games of the season. What makes it even more impressive is that he has done it in just his third and fourth career starts. Through those two games he has completed 41/61 passes for 656 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. But above all, he has ice running through his veins when he stands in the pocket.

Stemming from these two starts has been early ruminations of a Jacory Harris for Heisman campaign, most of which has been hype from the Miami fanbase. Of course, that talk has only been fueled by two games on national television (with no other games on at the time), and commentators referencing an interview Harris did on Dan LeBatard's radio show where Harris said if he made it to New York for the Heisman, he would wear a beautiful pink suit with a diamond-studded pimp cup.

But let's pump the breaks here, folks. While Harris has performed superbly in two nationally televised games, the early Heisman talks are a bit out of line. First off, I'd suggest you guys visit Heisman Pundit and check out the "Ten Heismandments." But I'll save you guys the time and tell you myself why Harris won't win the Heisman this season.

Harris is a sophomore. Only two sophomores in history have won the bronzed stiff-arm: Tim Tebow in 2007 and Sam Bradford last season (with Bradford being a redshirt sophomore). For Harris to win, it would mean that three consecutive sophomores will have won the award, and the first three ever to do so. I don't see that happening.

Then there's this: the Heisman has historically been linked to the national title. It's not a rule, but more of a tradition that the Heisman winner usually vies for the national title. Miami would have to run the table, and a few of the big teams in front of them would have to drop a game or two along the way for that to happen.

But wait, didn't Tebow win the Heisman in '07 for a four-loss team? Why yes, yes he did. But that year was special, as most people will tell you. Tebow put up other-wordly numbers, and there was no clear-cut candidate ahead of him, let alone one on a national title contending squad.

So Harris would have to put up record-setting numbers if "The U" doesn't make a run at the BCS title game if any of us want to see that beautiful pink suit. Know what else would have to happen for Harris to win it? The guys that are already "ahead of him" in the minds of voters, you know, the guys who have been there before and established a name for themselves (like Tebow, Colt McCoy, Jahvid Best, etc.) would all have to struggle and fall by the wayside while Harris simultaneously explodes for a monster season.

It's not happening, Miami fans. Not this year at least. I'll tell you one thing though, Harris will be a great quarterback, and he might just be setting himself up for a run at the Heisman... in 2010.


  1. The fact you felt the need to write about this just proves how awesome Jacory has been. I actually think it's not Miami fans that are the most vocal about his Heisman chances, it's the media. Speaking for 'Canes fans (I really shouldn't but am), we are glad to just have a capable QB again. Also the Heisman is so political and bogus, even more so than the polls. Just my take.

  2. Jacory Harris is a much better QB than Tebow at this point in their careers (I would even say Jacory is a better passer right now...atleast with "his" receivers), and just because he doenst barrel over defenders on his way to the endzone or throw jump passes should not preclude him from heisman consideration.

    That being said, I want to see waht happens when he faces a real pass rush (humhmm November 28th). Given the time he has had to throw the ball, most QBs would look just as good.

  3. Okay, this is going to be slanted because i AM a university of miami fan.. now saying that, first, you wouldnt see three sophmores winning it in a row as you most likely didnt see two winning it in a row considering not one had on it before, it seems like the media once the U to be back, after every win i hear this "back" talk, we arent back till we win a Nat'l championship... Now, the person leading the heisman votes (in most peoples minds) is tebow, the problem with that? He wont have beaten 4 ranked teams in his 3rd-6th career starts (assuming miami runs the table). At this point Jacorey has the 4th amount of yards out of all the QB's, also 4th in yards per pass. Lets also not forget Jacorey didnt get to play a cupcake game like most other good schools, no he opened up with an away game with his biggest rivals.. its too early to talk hiesman, but if you do, you cant NOT include jacorey harris :)

  4. I'm a Buckeye fan! Right now Jacory Harris is the front-runner for the Hesiman Trophy!!!

    Jacory Harris (big performances in big games)
    Jhavid Best ( 5 TD's in one game on the road)
    Tim Tebow (Over-hyped otherwise wouldn't be here)
    Colt McCoy (Has the hype, just needs the numbers)