Friday, September 18, 2009

Links to Take You Into the Weekend

We had a productive day in our little corner of the internet, with a lot of football talk. If you guys can't tell, I've got football on the mind. Here's a few (in the most minimal sense of the word) football-related links to take you into the weekend, because I guarantee I won't be posting anything Saturday, as it's the Florida - Tennessee game.

Speaking of that game, I wrote a couple of pieces for other sites about the big rivalry. Here are those links, as promised:

- The guys over at Souvenir City asked me to preview the game for them.

- While over at College Game Balls, I addressed the Urban Meyer - Lane Kiffin saga, and what people should expect in terms of retaliation on Meyer's end.

As a side note, I will be contributing over at CGB often throughout the season, so check me out over there, too.

Other links:

- Brandon Spikes is the County Assessor (and weekend picks) from the genius that is EDSBS.

- Because we didn't mention UM enough today, apparently. GT's Steven Sylvester gets Futch'd up.

This last link isn't football-related, but it was just too good to pass up:

- Delonte West was arrested while carrying three firearms. On a three-wheeled motorcyle. It gets better. (Major League Jerk)

That's all I've really got for you guys today. Enjoy the weekend.


  1. hmmm needs a fancy UFC 103 preview...oh dont worry i got it

  2. Smooth. I would've included it myself, but I tried to just toss up a few football links. Except for that Delonte West thing, that's just gold.