Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introducing 4th and Fail's First Official Staff Writer

Editor's note: I'd like to introduce to you, my loyal readers, the newest addition here at 4th and Fail. He's the first of what may one day become a small stable of writers in our little corner of the internet and I hope you guys enjoy his work. So I guess that legitimately makes me the Editor/Boss man around here, so that's cool, too. But I'll stop rambling now, and let him introduce himself.

Please allow me to introduce myself to all of you fellow sports fanatics. My name is Ed. Note[REDACTED], but I am better known by the name of Wooj. Don’t ask questions, just run with it and it will be a journey you will not regret.

I am writing out of Miami/Tampa, Florida. The Miami Hurricanes are the real premiere team in Florida (Although my colleague (Ed note: BOSS) would respectfully, or most likely disrespectfully, disagree with me). My role in this blog will be to offer a sometimes varying opinion. As we all know, for every Michael Wilbon there is a Tony Kornheiser. There will undoubtedly be things that both of us will agree on, but we usually find ourselves in arguments about a plethora of sports-related issues so it should be fun to read. I would like to thank all of the readers in advance for supporting 4th and Fail, and I hope that I can fulfill all of your [sports-related] needs.


  1. Whats a Wooj? Does ths mean I get some much needed USF blogging? So Wooj, how do you feel about USF's first two sloppy performances against inferior competition? Are you excited about the future of the team with B.J. Daniels and Ryne Giddens? What are your expectations for this year? And remember, you're in Tampa son, don't get confused about which "U" you need to be representing.

  2. Steve, nothing will ever change my roots as a die-hard Canes fan. However, I will be talking some USF football with you. Honestly, anything is an upgrade from Grothe in my eyes, so B.J. Daniels can only be a positive for the program. Ryne Giddens is going to have the big shoes to fill by playing DE after George Selvie (Granted, he's a RE and Selvie is a LE). I'll tell you the kid that you really need to look out for though and it's the freshman running back Lindsey Lamar. He's only 165 lbs. at the moment, but the boy is running a 4.3 and I'm sure Leavitt will put some bulk on him. The man is shifty and could easily develop that big-play ability that USF is going to need down the road.