Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Things We Think We Think We Might Know

This is a new feature we're going to give a try around here. It will appear every Monday for the rest of the college football season, maybe. No promises, yet, so let's just see how this goes.

1. If you want to win, you need to run the ball well. As our friend over at The Sporting Blog pointed out, FSU was held to 19 rushing yards against USF, UM held to 59 in Blacksburg, Cal's Jahvid Best could only muster 55 yards against Oregon, and UNC put up a whopping 17 rushing yards on Saturday. The common denominator of all of those: a loss.

2. BJ Daniels made me look brilliant. Very rarely am I spot on with predictions and analysis before something happens. Daniels, USF's redshirt freshman who made his first start at FSU this weekend, is responsible for one of these rare occurrences. I will bask in my awesomeness for the time being, as Daniels (and USF's defense) led the team to a victory in Doak Campbell stadium, despite making a couple of rookie mistakes. While Matt Grothe was the face of that team the past few years, Daniels is the future, and the future of that program appears to be in good hands, as Daniels will only improve with experience.

3. Iowa's defense is pretty good. They held the at-the-time number five team in the nation to 10 points (only 3 in the final 58 minutes of the game), and forced four turnovers (three interceptions and a fumble) and also blocked a punt. As SI's Stewart Mandel points out, Iowa's defense is for real, and will be vital in their bid for a Big Ten title.

4. Miami still isn't back. I wrote about it a couple of times this season already. They're not back, and it showed in a beatdown at the hands of the Hokies in Blacksburg. I still think they're on the right track, but Virginia Tech handled business and "swagga-jacked" the 'Canes. It should put to rest the "the U is back" talk for now... and the Jacory Harris for Heisman ruminations.

5. Concussions are serious business. People joke about the situation that occurred with the Gators' Tim Tebow on Saturday night in Lexington, making biblical allusion jokes to him "rising," etc. But in all seriousness, concussions are serious injuries that can only heal with time (trust me, I've had one. It's not fun.). Florida has a bye week this week, and then travels to Death Valley for a matchup with LSU in two weeks. Perhaps Tebow will be healthy by then, but I wouldn't be surprised to see John Brantley starting for the Gators in Louisiana. I will undoubtedly go more in-depth with this issue as the LSU game approaches in two weeks, but it's certainly something that all of the college football media will be entranced with over the next couple of weeks.


  1. 2a.) USFs defense masked an inconsistent performance by a freshman QB who did make some really big plays. Like you said in 1.), its the stout D that won the game by dominating FSU up front.

    2b.) USF has atleast 2 all americans on their D-line.

  2. 3 Iowa's defense is pretty good.

    They gave up over 300 yards and 16 points to a I-AA school. I think Mandel is jumping the gun a little bit. PSU was unproven and riding unwarranted preseason hype, let's see how they do against Michigan in two weeks.

  3. You will never see anyone in the nation get knocked out as hard as I did. God Bless.