Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Call It, "Agressive Expansion." Or Don't. Whatever.

Editor's Note: Yesterday I introduced you all to my first official staff writer here at 4th and Fail. Today, I introduce to you another addition to the 4th and Fail team. Call it, "agressive expansion." Or don't, it's your call, so whatever. The point is, this blog's staff just tripled in the last 48 hours. Take that! I was going to introduce you to our newest contributor (I guess that's the title I'll go with for now), but I figured since I let the last guy introduce himself, I should let this guy do the same:

Hey everyone and allow me to introduce myself, the new third wheel at 4th and Fail. My name is Ted Hill and it's such a short and sweet name that I don't need a stage name (Editor's Note: Forget that, you get a stage name, too. I hear it's all the rage in the blogosphere. We shall call you TD).

I hail from Miami since birth and would classify myself as a dedicated fan of all the local teams, including the 'Canes. Currently there are more 'Canes writing for this blog than Gators. I can't imagine Sr. Verde will let that go on much longer. I've been blogging for a little bit but expect to use this avenue for in-depth pieces that don't fall under the umbrella of the two blogs I contribute to (Dolphins & Marlins) (Editor's Note: Woohoo! Shameless plugs!). I'm not quite sure if my works will be more humorous or insightful, or some failed combination of the two, but hopefully you'll want to continue reading. I'm also a soccer/football/futbol fanatic so you may see thoughts on that. I look forward to being a contributor to this little community.

- Ted

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