Monday, August 10, 2009

That Just Happened.

I'm back from my short vacation, folks. It was interesting, to say the least, but I won't go into too many details.

When I left town, the Marlins were just finishing up getting swept by the hottest team in baseball Natinals. However, since I left, I've learned that there are things worse than losing to the Nats, like having a valet at a resort wreck your car.

Well, now I'm back, and the Fish just finished sweeping the defending-World Series Champion, and division-leading Phillies.

Oh, how things can change in just a few days.

After being swept by the Nats, which may have been the low-point in the season, the Marlins were seven games back of the Phillies, and looked like they would soon be way out of the hunt for October. Also, my car had a grill and front bumper.

Then, the Marlins swept the Phils, and are now just four games out of first place.

Simply put, it was the most aggrevating 3-3 road trip possible. Being swept by the worst team in baseball, then sweeping last season's best team.

But it happened, and it's best that it happened the way it did. Had the Marlins instead been swept by the Phillies, it would have dropped their season series to 2-10 against them, instead it is 5-7, which is more respectable, and certainly less demoralizing. Instead, the Marlins are riding the high of this three-game sweep into a 10-game homestand that opens Monday with a four-game set against the Astros, and continues with a weekend series against the Wild Card-leading Rockies.

A season that looked to be in shambles after a devastating sweep, again looks salvageable after an impressive weekend where the Marlins' bats decided to come alive. Cody Ross is on a tear with his timely hits. Rookie Chris Coghlan has had multiple hits in a franchise record eight straight games, Nick Johnson is an on-base machine, and even Jorge Cantu ended his 0-for-18 slump on Sunday with an RBI single.

As nearly everyone has pointed out, this team isn't perfect. In fact, they are extremely flawed (no legitimate closer, and two struggling regulars in Emilio Bonifacio and Jeremy Hermida, to name a couple of the flaws). But I will remain an optimist, and hope that the momentum from this weekend's sweep of the Phillies carries into this extended homestand, and that things will continue to look up, because it can't possibly get worse than it did after the Natinals finished their sweep on Thursday afternoon.

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