Thursday, August 6, 2009

Public Service Announcement

So you all might have noticed that I haven't posted any fresh material since Sunday when Kevin Gregg failed. There is a reason for the lack of content. I will be going on a much-needed short vacation through this Sunday, and figured I'd take a week off from writing.

During my vacation, I'll be disconnected from the world/blogosphere for the most part, but you may luck out and find an occasional tweet from me.

As I said, I'll be gone until Sunday. That means you should expect fresh posts from me by Monday. In the meantime, I highly recommend any of the links that can be found on the right side of this site. Each of them have unique, informative voices, and consistently publish fine works of writing. I think you will find their sites enjoyable, and they will undoubtedly satiate your sports-blogging appetites.

Until Monday, adios.

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