Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's Not Count Out the Marlins Just Yet

The Marlins lost three games in a row, one to the Mets and two to the Padres, Thursday through Saturday, before finally taking a game from the Padres on Sunday.

After that third consecutive loss to a sub-.500 team, it seemed like doomsday for the Fish. But a quick glance at the NL Wild Card standings this morning had me admittedly surprised. Despite those three consecutive losses, and seven of 11 overall, the Marlins manage to sit just 3.5 games back in the Wild Card standings.

This is, in large part, thanks to the Giants sweeping the Rockies this weekend, and the Rockies dropping five straight games overall.

Yet somehow, despite that three game skid where the Fish got a total of 10.2 innings combined from their starters ( including a 1.2 inning outing from Chris Volstad and a 3.2 inning effort from Anibal Sanchez on consecutive days), this team is still vying for a playoff spot.

The Marlins kickoff a huge, and I cannot emphasize that enough, four game series tonight against the Braves, who they are tied with in the standings. This series could legitimately decide whether the Marlins will contend for the Wild Card in September, or fade into oblivion as the season winds down.

I for one, am willing to remain optimistic, and (likely foolishly) hang on to my preseason prediction/dreams/aspirations for this team, at least until this series with Atlanta is over.


  1. Oblivion here we come! Is it football season yet?

  2. Thursday! It can't get here soon enough.