Monday, July 13, 2009

Take THAT, Notre Dame!

College football season is less than eight weeks away. Eight! That's still too long, if you ask me, but thankfully, something slightly newsworthy coming from the college football realm:

Remember back in early December, shortly after the college football regular season ended, Notre Dame announced they would not be firing head coach Charlie Weis? Then I wrote this piece, thanking Notre Dame for keeping Weis (however utterly ridiculous retaining his medicotriy was) because Florida coach Urban Meyer would have been at the top of their wish list. I also mentioned how Meyer has stated in the past that Notre Dame is his dream job.

Well, in recent weeks, talks of Meyer's interest in Notre Dame had resurfaced, and rival coaches have been using the rumor that Meyer could bolt for the Irish in trying to deter recruits from committing to Florida.

This past weekend, Meyer was at a charity golf tournament, the Bob Dooley Invitational. Apparently he was tired of all the rumors of him and Notre Dame, so he decided to take a moment from his tournament-opening speech and put the issue to bed once and for all (hopefully).

"I'm not going to Notre Dame. Ever," Meyer said. "I'm going to be the coach at Florida for a long time, as long as they want me."

So, take that, Notre Dame!

I can sleep a little bit easier at night now not having to worry about Meyer bolting for greener pastures after Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes graduate. Thanks, Coach!

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