Friday, July 24, 2009

A Rare Friday Roundup

It's Friday, and I'm feeling rather lazy, so instead of giving you my own post this afternoon, I'll give you some links of other people's stuff that I've enjoyed reading today. I'm going to start trying to make this a semi-regular thing, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it will statiate your sports blogging appetites and carry you off into the weekend. Enjoy.

A well-written piece by Andy Hutchins on Tim Tebow's turn at the SEC Media Days. (The Arena)

Speaking of SEC Media Days, the most entertaining tweets coming out of Alabama this week can be found here. (EDSBS Twitter)

The guys at Souvenir City take a look at some of the finest traditions in college football, which is now just six weeks away! (Souvenir City)

The Rookies wonder what it was like for the Rays' announcers during Mark Buerhle's perfect game Thursday. ( The Rookies)

Because Jordan Crawford wasn't the only one to dunk on LeBron (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

Marlins Die-Hards gave us ten people Marlins fans should love, and ten to hate. (Marlins Die-Hards)

And here's my blatant self-promotion. Those Marlins lists inspired my ten people SoFla sports fan should love, and hate. (Fourth and Fail)

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