Monday, July 20, 2009

Mike Vick is Free: What Now?

As I'm sure most of you are well aware, Mike Vick completed the house arrest portion of his sentencing, making him a free man again after serving a total of 23 months for his role in an illegal dogfighting ring.

While Vick has yet to be reinstated to the NFL by Roger Goodell after being suspended indefinitely two years ago (a meeting still needs to be scheduled between the two), he clearly wants to be back in the league (he's at his athletic prime, and just needs to get back in shape). But what team will want to bring in Vick? That's the biggest question.

He'll probably get interest from a few teams who are willing to take on the baggage that comes with Vick, but we know for certain the Giants and Jets aren't interested in taking that risk. Apparently, neither is New England (scroll down to "things I heard around the NFL last week). That basically eliminates the northeastern United States.

You would also have to eliminate any team's that already tote a franchise QB on the roster. So there goes the Colts, Chargers, Falcons (duh!), Cowboys, both of the Philadelphia teams, the Saints and a few others.

Instead of listing who wouldn't want Vick under center for them, let's consider who would take the troubled QB.

There were rumors in recent months that maybe Bill Parcells and the Dolphins might be interested in him and using him in the Wildcat formation. That's not likely to happen though, since the Dolphins have the two Chad's (Pennington and Henne) on the depth chart at QB.

Maybe the Vikings would be interested in him if Brett Favre decided to stay retired this time around. That offense could certainly be among the most potent in the league with Vick, Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin.
Plus, there's a handful of other teams, including some smaller markets, who don't have a franchise quarterback and might be willing to take that risk.

I know one big-time wide receiver that would love to have Vick throwing to him. Who's that, you might ask?

Chad Ochocinco.

At least that's the message he seems to be conveying from his Twitter updates Monday night. Let's take a look at a sampling of Ochocinco's updates concerning Vick, shall we?

Okay, so Ochocinco thinks Vick is the best (either quarterback or player in the league).

He is one of a kind on the field when he's taking snaps. Fair enough.

Wow, really heaping on the praise here. I'm guessing you like the guy's game.

I get it already, Ochocinco, you think the guy is awesome. Enough already.

Those weren't even all of Ochocinco's tweets regarding Vick. The rest can be found throughout his Twitter-feed, for those who don't already get the message. But despite Ochocinco's Thom Brennaman-esque praise of a QB, he's already got Carson Palmer throwing to him. Though, after the season the Bengals had last year, anything is possible, especially with Palmer twice having his season end in serious injuries.

Even if Goodell decides against reinstating Vick, there are other options. Remember, the Orlando franchise of the UFL drafted the rights to Vick, should he opt to give the new league a chance.

Regardless of what Goodell decides, I'm sure Vick will play football again, one way or another. It's just a matter of who will give him the second chance he deserves after serving his time (yes, what he did was deplorable, but he did serve his time), and which league it will be for.

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  1. lmao @ ochocinco's twitter...
    teams should be lining up to get Vick, he's a game changer that has never played with a star WR..