Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Josh Willingham's 2 Grand Slam, 8 RBI Game

It was impressive, yeah. I especially respect it because "The Hammer" played for the Marlins last year before being traded in the offseason to the Natinals (still think they should've kept Willingham and traded Jeremy Hermida, but I digress).

Willingham became only the 13th player in MLB history (yes, oddly enough, that makes it more rare than a perfect game) to hit two grand slams in a game, and the first to do so in six years (Bill Mueller of the Red Sox did it in '03). What most of you don't know is that it was (at least) the second occurrence at either the major league or college level in 2009.

That's right, for those readers that have been following here long enough, you may recall that UF's freshman first baseman, Preston Tucker, had a two grand slam game back in April. He also had a three-run home run, and a totaly of 11 RBI. Did I mention he accomplished it in three consecutive innings?

I happened to be in attendance when Tucker had that record night, and I knew it was something special, so I can appreciate what Willingham pulled off on Monday night. So a tip of the cap goes to Willingham (the Nationals have to do something right every now and then, right?).

But for the record, Preston Tucker scoffs at Josh Willingham's statline.

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