Friday, June 5, 2009

Richard von Houtman Isn't In D-Wade's Fave 5

Charles Barkley is in Dwyane Wade's Fave 5, which is awesome. Richard von Houtman likely won't be on that list next to Barkley, seeing as how Wade is suing him for $100 million.

Wade is suing von Houtman, who was Wade's business partner on his failed D-Wade's Sports Grill endeavor, over claims of libel.

According to the lawsuit, von Houtman alleged in e-mails to Pat Riley that Wade and other Heat players, who remained nameless, smoked marijuana, and used cocaine and steroids. Von Houtman is trying to claim that Wade isn't as clean cut as his public image would show him to be.

Seems to me that von Houtman has a personal vendetta (!) against Wade, seeing as how it's not the first time he has made claims about Wade's off-the-court lifestyle. Back in February, von Houtman said he saw "remnants of sex parties" at a condo he rented to Wade in 2007 and 2008. He also said he saw Wade smoke weed on multiple occasions.

So does anyone out there believe von Houtman's claims that Wade is a coke-sniffin 'roider? Or is Wade more of the stand-up guy we're led to believe he is both on and off the court?

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