Thursday, June 18, 2009

JoePa Will Strengthen His Grip On Wins Record

Remember that whole Florida State cheating scandal, you know, where some of the athletes cheated in classes such as Music Appreciation? Well a public records lawsuit by the Associated Press and other media outlets, as well as an intervention by the state's attorney general has made public a response from the NCAA about an appeal by the school.

The verdict? The NCAA will uphold the sanctions and FSU will likely be stripped of wins in 10 sports, including up to 14 wins in football.

As of right now, Bobby Bowden has 382 wins, just one behind Penn State's Joe Paterno. And for you math whizzes out there, after the sanctions are levied on FSU, that will drop Bowden to 368 wins, at the least.

That blow would likely solidify JoePa's hold on the NCAA D-1 (I refuse to call it the FBS) career wins record.

Bowden (80 this year) is three years younger than Paterno (83 this year), so maybe if Paterno retires a couple of seasons before Bowden, Bowden will have a possible chance to reclaim the wins record. But I don't see that happening now, especially seeing how Florida State would have to buyout Jimbo Fisher's $2.5 million contract if he hasn't replaced Bowden in the next couple of years. Add in that JoePa doesn't seem to be leaving Happy Valley anytime in the immediate future, especially after coming off a season in which his Nittany Lions won the Big Ten and were an upset at the hands of Iowa away from a trip to Miami (thankfully we didn't have to see the Big Ten humiliated in a title game again).

Anyways, JoePa was recently on ESPN's College Football Live, and had this to say about retiring:

"I feel great. I've had a couple tough years. I had a broken knee when the kid from Wisconsin ran into me [in 2006] and I was horsing around on the field [in August] and dislocated my hip doing some silly things too soon. But right now, I feel great. Went through spring practice with no problems, never used the [golf] cart. I'm enjoying it. I hate to get away from something I'm having a lot of fun doing."

And for the record, he doesn't think Bowden should be stripped of those wins, either:

"Bobby Bowden played with the kids he had, played against the people and they won the games. I don't think they should take those away from him. There's a lot of people involved in that situation down at Florida State. Whether Bobby was in the middle of it or not, that's got to be proved. Bobby's been a very honorable guy. He won 'em, he ought to keep 'em."

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