Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Look Now, the Marlins are Playing Good Baseball Again

Yes, they're still a shade below .500, and still six games back in the NL East. However, they have quietly gone 9-5 so far this month! Which isn't too shabby.

The starting pitching has gotten some quality starts recently, including a 2-hitter by rookie Sean West last week, and a complete game by Josh Johnson (who is now 6-1 with a 2.38 ERA) on Sunday. Then of course, there's Cody Ross, who hit his third grand slam of the season this past week, tying the franchise record for most in a season (and it's only June). Add in that Jeremy Hermida provided the team with it's first walkoff home run last Tuesday, and the fact that many of the other players (including Chris Coghlan in the leadoff spot) are hitting well, and you've got good all-around baseball from the Marlins for the first time since the club started the season 11-1.

Of course, since I wrote this post about the Marlins playing well again, I have undoubtedly jinxed them. So if they drop the majority of the next six games, you can blame it on me... or the fact that they are playing the Red Sox (at Fenway) and the Yankees (in South Florida) in back to back series.

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