Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Afternoon: NBA Trades and More

Whoa, what a day, and not just for sports. Two big names passed away today in Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Now before I get down to the NBA news, let me just say that Jackson was one of the greatest performers/artists I've known of, personal issues aside. I mean c'mon, the man made Thriller.

Anyways, on to the NBA news. Obviously, late last night Shaq was traded to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. This is a move that probably should have been made back before the trade deadline, (and one that I opined on here) because it could've done the Cavs more good this year in the playoffs than it could do next year....

That's because today the Orlando Magic, you know, the team that ousted the Cavs from the playoffs, just got better. They traded Rafer Alston (who wasn't going to start because Jameer Nelson is healthy again) and Courtney Lee (who I think is going to develop into a very good player) to the Nets for Vince Carter, who is still good for 20 points a night and is an obviously big name that will keep fans excited.

So yeah, the two best teams in the East just got better today, and for the record, I still think that adding Shaq could do LeBron's legacy less good, however, I do think that if the Cavs can win a title next year, it would be pretty awesome that Shaq will have won titles playing with the arguably the three biggest names in the league currently, and arguably the three best players this decade.

I wonder if any other big trades will occur tonight before, during or after the draft. Stay tuned to find out, I guess.

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