Friday, May 8, 2009

What's In A Name?

That's the question I'm asking with the recent news (as expected) that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross worked a deal with Jimmy Buffett and his LandShark Lager to rename Dolphin Stadium to LandShark Stadium, at least for the 2009 season.

While I find it amusing that LandShark Stadium will now host several aquatic creatures, including the Dolphins (and the Big Tuna) and the Marlins (as well as their Mermaids and Manatees), it's a shame that one stadium has now had five (or six is you include taking the 's' off of "Dolphins Stadium") different names in its (roughly) 20 year existence.

That's what brought me back to the great Shakespearean line, "what's in a name?" I was wondering what sort of success the teams have had in this stadium with its various names over the last few decades.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at the teams' total season records (not just home games):

Joe Robbie Stadium: 1987-1996.

Dolphins: 81-62 with a .566 win percentage and two division titles

Marlins: 182-238 with a .433 win percentage.

Pro Player Park: 1996

Dolphins: 8-8 with a .500 win percentage.

Marlins: 80-82 with a .494 win percentage.

Pro Player Stadium: 1997-2005

Dolphins: 73-55 with a .570 win percentage and one division title.

Marlins: 618-677 with a .477 win percentage, two Wild Cards and two World Series titles.

Dolphins Stadium: 2005-2006

Dolphins: 15-17 with a .468 win percentage.

Marlins: 161-163 with a .497 win percentage.

Dolphin Stadium: 2007-2009

Dolphins: 12-20 with a .375 win percentage and one division crown.

Marlins: 155-168 (plus a current record of 15-14 this season) for a total record of 170-182 with a .483 win percentage.

Hurricanes: 7-3 (4-2 in the ACC)

It appears that for the Dolphins, Joe Robbie Stadium was most successful, in terms division titles while Pro Player Stadium was better for the 'Fins in terms of win percentage.

For the Marlins, hands down it's Pro Player Stadium, since that includes the team's only two postseason appearances and World Series titles.

For the Hurricanes, they've only played one season there, but it was much better than the team's last in the Orange Bowl. But I'd say it's too early to compare the Hurricanes at this stadium to the teams that played in the Orange Bowl, with their five national championships and absurd number of NFL players and what not.

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