Monday, May 4, 2009

An Ugly Series Ends, Well, UGLY.

First off, I hope LeBron James makes a fool of Josh Smith in the Cavs-Hawks Eastern Conference Semis.

Second: gosh, what an ugly series that was for the Heat and the Hawks. Average margin of victory was just over 19 points per game. Pretty fitting then that Game 7 was just as ugly.

If you care for reasons as to why the Heat lost that series, I would point you to this piece by Israel Gutierrez in Monday's Miami Herald. For the most part, I have to agree with him.

Obviously, one of the biggest problems for the Heat is the lack of a consistent second option on offense. We know Dwyane Wade is gonna get his almost every game, but the Heat can't be a one man show. Jermaine O'Neal has showed he can sometimes put up the pre-knee injury numbers he had back in Indiana. But sometimes isn't good enough for a team that wants to continue to get better.

Michael Beasley has shown what a threat he can be on offense, too. His problem though, is that he isn't as efficient. Sure, in Game 6 he had over 20 points and 15 boards, but he did it on 25 shots. Hopefully it's something he can work on.

But instead of focusing on why the Heat lost, and dwelling on a tough first-round exit, Heat fans should rejoice. The team won over three times as many game this season (46 is you include the playoffs), than they did last season (15).

That's pretty good for the ninth youngest team in the league (25.8 years), that relied on a rookie point guard (Mario Chalmers) and a rookie sixth man.

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