Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thoughts on Magic-Cavs Game 1

Just a few quick thoughts on the game.

- If Mo Williams would have made that final shot: wow. Fortunately for Magic fans, he missed it.

- Speaking of that final possession, if I'm the Magic, I'm glad LeBron was the one that forced that jump ball, because that took the ball out of his hands for the final shot.

- Didn't like that foul called on Dwight Howard in the final minute that gave him his sixth foul. If any other Cav makes that drive, they probably don't get the call LeBron got. At best, it should have been a no-call in my opinion. There was too little contact, with Howard straight up, to have that called as the sixth foul on the Magic's best player in a game that could have potentially gone to overtime at that point.

- Also, so much for that 40-2 record the Cavs established at home this season (really only one loss since LeBron and others rested during the season finale). So in a way, the Cavs just doubled their home losses in one night.

- Lastly: wow at Howard's montrous dunk that caused an eight-minute delay in the first quarter. Very Shaq-esque (and yes, that one just scored me 90 points in Scrabble because I hit the Triple Word Score. How did I get so many Q's, you ask? Don't worry 'bout it.)

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