Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Real X-Factor?

Going into the season, people, including myself, spoke of how perhaps James Posey has been the X-factor in winning titles the last few years, as he played a supposrting role in both the Heat's 2006 title run, as well as the Celtics' run last season.

Well this season, with the Hornets, Posey went out in the first round. Some X-factor, huh?

Instead, the title of X-factor should, perhaps, be bestowed upon a certain point guard who moved out west earlier this season. Yes, that's right, Chauncey Billups.

Billups, who was traded to his hometown Nuggets for Allen Iverson, has come up huge for Denver this season, and has helped lead them to the Western Conference Finals against either the Lakers or Rockets.

This is Billups' first trip to the Western Conference Finals, but that's because he's been too busy getting the Pistons to the Eastern Conference Finals the last six seasons before this one. Yeah, Billups has now been to seven... SEVEN... straight conference finals, including two trips to the NBA Finals and an NBA title.

Sounds like Billups might be a legit X-factor when it comes to the playoffs, but let's just see how far he can take these Nuggets this postseason.

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