Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The NBA Playoffs: Where Something Other Than Amazing Happens.

I'm sure everyone has seen those NBA playoff commercials, "where amazing happens."

Well here's a new one for you: The NBA Playoffs: Where Old White Dudes Call Black Guys 'Thugs.'

First, there was the much blogged about radio clip from the Heat-Hawks first round series where Hawks radio announcer Steve Holman said the Miami Heat resorted to "thuggery" against the Hawks in Game 5 after Al Horford was fouled hard and sprained his ankle.

Then, there was the Nuggets-Mavericks second round series, where this weekend, Mavs owner Mark Cuban told Lydia Moore, the mother of Kenyon Martin, that her son was a 'thug.'

That boiled over into Game 4, which the Mavericks finally won, when Martin went off on Cuban after the game, calling him a "f****t M'F-er."

Cuban later backtracked on what he told Martin's mom, and issued an apology via his blog , and even inviting the whole family to dinner on him.

Regardless of an apology, tempers will still flare in this intense series (it's the playoffs, that's how emotions flow), and somewhere, some other old white dude will call an NBA player a thug.

But thank you, Holman and Cuban, for spicing up the playoffs just a little bit more. I'm not saying either of them had the right to call either players thugs, but it certainly gave another storyline to each otherwise 9one way or another) lopsided series.

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