Tuesday, May 12, 2009

LA's "Mannywood" Gets A 50-Game Makeover

At the end of April, the LA Dodgers launched a special fan section in left field of Dodger Stadium, aptly named "Mannywood." The lower-level left field seats were being advertised as a pair for $99 (Manny Ramirez wears number 99), complete with exclusive "Mannywood" t-shirts.

Then that whole 50-game suspension happened when it was revealed that Manny tested positive for a female fertility drug that was used to allegedly try to help him get pregnant enhance his on-field performance.

Well that was short-lived, LA. Oops.

But fear not, Dodgers left field regulars. Mannywood is getting a temporary makeover, featuring his replacement, Juan Pierre (hooray for a former-Marlins World Series champion!).

The new name: JuanPierrewood. Duh.

Maybe now that the Dodger Stadium has also temporarily halted sales of the Manny dreadlocked wigs, they will perhaps instead sell Juan Pierre-themed baldcaps.

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