Monday, May 4, 2009

Hooray, Beer?

Joe Robbie... I mean, Pro Player Park... err Pro Player Stadium... no, wait. Dolphin Stadium. Yeah, that's it. Dolphin Stadium is apparently ready to undergo another name change.

This time, reports are that a naming rights deal is likely to happen with the lovechild of Jimmy Buffett and Anheuser Busch: Land Shark Lager.

Apparently, the announcement will come this Friday, and the stadium will be officially named Land Shark Stadium.

Along with the naming rights, there are plans to open up a Margaritaville themed area of the park.

This deal is obviously for the money that the owner gets from the brewing company for the rights, but is reportedly also an incentive to get Buffett to invest in the team as a minority owner.

I could care less what they name the stadium, they just need to make it more affordable to go to events there, but I digress.

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