Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Things You Don't Often See in Baseball

One, in the ninth inning of the Marlins 13-2 loss to the Phillies (that's six straight if you're scoring at home), in lieu of using the arm of an exhausted bullpen in what was already a blowout loss, the Marlins decided to use outfielder Cody Ross to pitch. Oddly enough, this isn't the first time a position player has pitched an inning of relief this season: Nick Swisher pitched the eighth for the Yankees in a blowout loss to the Rays earlier this season, striking out one (Gabe Kapler). Ross gave up only an infield hit, and zero runs, making him the Marlins most effective pitcher on Sunday.

Second thing you don't often see: in the Yankees-Red Sox game, Jacoby Ellsbury made a straight steal of home. You don't see this happen much, but when it does, boy is it sheer awesomeness. A tip of the cap to you Jacoby, one, for making a straight steal of home, and two, for making the Yankees look foolish.

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