Saturday, April 25, 2009

The $41 Million Question

Is $41 million in guranteed money worth playing for the Detroit Lions?

If you're former Georgia QB Matthew Stafford, the answer is a resounding 'Yes,' apparently.

Stafford and the Lions (who went an abysmal 0-16 in 2008), agreed to a contract late Friday that's worth $72 million over 7 years, including over $41 million in guaranteed money, and making Stafford the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft.

I guess $41 million guaranteed to Stafford is to make up for being drafted to play in NFL purgatory, where rarely does a career escape unscathed (except for Roy Williams, who managed to get traded to Dallas last season).

Though, I guess if Stafford doesn't completely fail in the Motor City, he does have Calvin "Megatron" Johnson to throw at, so maybe the Lions will improve. Because, let's face it, after setting the bar for futility in 2008, there's nowhere to go but up!

So good luck Matthew Stafford, and remember, even if your career faulters in Detroit, at least you got $41 million out of it. If you don't make stupid decision financially, you and your family will be set for life.

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