Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 NFL Draft: Day One. Initial Reactions.

Here are a few of my initial thoughts from Day One of the NFL Draft.

- I still can't believe how much money the Lions threw at Matthew Stafford. The NFL definitely needs to do something about a rookie salary cap. It's pretty absurd for these unproven prospects that teams are investing their future in, to be paid epic amounts of money, while many proven veterans aren't afforded the same type of contracts.

- The Jets gave up a lot to get QB Mark Sanchez (3 players and 2 draft picks), but his stock has risen greatly since his workouts. Plus, Kellen Clemens hasn't gotten to prove his worth, so this could be a good move by the Jets.

- Did Michael Crabtree really drop to the 49ers at 10? I guess some teams had issues with his reported arrogance. Regardless, the 49ers got arguably the best player in the draft with this pick.

- Donovan McNabb should be pelased with the pick of Jeremy Maclin. He's a speedy, solid receiver with deep-threat ability. Maclin, plus DeSean Jackson, I think should give McNabb a couple of options down field.

- Percy Harvin to the Vikings. How much did his positive drug test and reported attitude problems effect his stock? Not sure, but those two things do make him a risky pick, not to mention that he has been known to be injury-prone. However, I think his talent and athletic ability far exceed any negatives about him. We've seen what he can do when he's healthy, and he was possibly the most dangerous player in the NCAA with the ball in his hands over the last couple of years. Overall, I like this pick for the Vikings. Imagine, Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian and a healthy Harvin. Yikes, talk about a trifecta.

- I love what the Dolphins did on Day One. Vontae Davis, who was one of the most skilled corners in the draft, to improve a suspect secondary. Then Pat White in the second round. I know many people may be shocked by this pick, but I admit that I called this one months ago. White is a ridiculous athlete, and is obviously an ideal fit for a Wildcat style offense, which he undoubtedly will be used for. But I'm sure the Dolphins will find more use in him outside of that little niche in the Wildcat, I'm just anxious to see how he will do. Then they added another cornerback prospect with Sean Smith. Overall, I think it was a good day for the Fins, and I'm excited about their draft class thus far.

That's all for now, I'll be back later on with some more thoughts.

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  1. I hate Pat White. However, I think he is probably going to be the most successful QB in this draft class. From the beginning of his college career, he has been an under rated QB, but all he has done is win (only QB to start and win every bowl game he has played in including wins over UGA and OU in BCS bowls). I don't understand people who still doubt this kids ability, especially when unlike other QBs in this years draft, he is set up for immediate success.

    I think it is time to recognize that offfense in the NFL has changed, and the more athletes that you have in the back field, the more difficult it is for a defense to predict whats coming.

    Welcome Mr. White, and I am glad you are on my team..