Sunday, March 22, 2009

March (Commercial) Madness

So I would just like to throw out there the fact that I've really enjoyed the tournament-themed commercials running during this year's tournament so far.

What Nike's Jordan brand has done with their "Become Legendary" commercials is great. However, I don't think anything tops the latest Vitamin Water commercial I saw this weekend.

The commercial shows Christian Laettner re-enacting "The Shot" over and over again with different items: a banana peel, a piece of wood, a towel and finally a Vitamin Water bottle.

The final shot occurs outside of his house, and then shows his neighbor getting the mail from his mailbox. Oh, did I mention that his neighbor is Rick Pitino? You know, the guy who coached Kentucky when Laettner's Blue Devils made that shot in the NCAA tourney all those years ago.

I think it's a great concept for a commercial, and that it's good that Rick Pitino can look back on that devastating moment and make light of it.

I also love it because I hate the Kentucky Wildcats (naturally, as a Gator fan/student). So this commercial just works on so many levels for me.

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