Sunday, March 22, 2009

Celebrating the Birthday of the NBA's Human Anti-Highlight Reel

Today, March 22, is the 37th birthday of the one and only Shawn Bradley.

Any NBA fan knows that the nickname "The Human Highlight Reel" belongs to Dominique Wilkins, and deservedly so. But I'm only mentioning that because Bradley was probably the NBA's Human ANTI-Highlight Reel while he played.

His whole career was a set of highlights... from the wrong perspective.

Bradley was the second overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft out of BYU, and made a 13-year career with the 76ers, Nets and Mavericks out of being dunked on by pretty much everyone in the league.

In honor of his 37th birthday, I'd like to take a look back at his illustrious career:

Noticeably missing from that Top Ten list: Tracy McGrady's infamous "gravity-sucking" dunk on Bradley from the 2005 playoffs.

Now, Bradley's whole career wasn't spent getting dunked on. My personal favorite highlight of him was against the Miami Heat, back when Rafer "Skip to my Lou" Alston was playing for the other team in Florida instead of for the Orlando Magic.

Down two with 2.5 seconds left in the game, Miami is inbounding the ball. Alston comes off a pick by Brian Grant at the top of the key, down to the corner three, Caron Butler inbounds it and fading both backwards and to his left, Alston releases a three over none other than... Mr. Bradley. To this day, it still stands as one of my favorite Heat games of all time.

So with that, I would like to wish you a happy birthday, Shawn Bradley! May your retirement be less embarassing than your NBA career. But hey, at the end of the day, you're the millionaire, not me.


  1. "you're the millionaire, not me" Great post - great conclusion.

  2. Many NBA big men, when obviously too slow on the rotation, will give up and allow the uncontested dunk. Not Shawn. He will finish his slow rotation, and be dunked on. In many ways, the anti-Amare.