Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Back, Chuck!

Charles Barkley returned to TNT tonight after his suspension following a DUI.

During the pregame show, Barkley gave a heart-felt apology to his colleagues, the NBA, his friends and his fans. He owned up to his mistake and took full blame for what he did.
He also offered advice to everyone listening: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Barkley thanked everyone that showed support for him, gave him advice and was there for him during his suspension.

He then went on to say he never trusted the "big wigs" at TNT 110 percent even though he loves working there and working with Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. Barkley said that it meant a lot to him that they stuck by him throughout this whole ordeal and said he now trusts the people at TNT 100 percent.

That being said: Welcome Back, Chuck! The NBA on TNT just had it's watchability and entertainment value rise because of your return.

Welcome Back, Kotter Chuck!

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