Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thoughts About All-Star Saturday Night

-First, I've got to start by mentioning my hometown representative for the night: Daequan Cook. What a comeback that was in the final rack of the 2nd round for him to force overtime. An all-Florida overtime event, I might add. Cook certainly put on for his city, and for the second time in three years the Miami Heat have the reigning three-point shootout champion.

-The Phoenix Shooting Stars team, on the other hand, does not put on for their city. In the final of their event, they began by hitting their first five shots in under 20 seconds. They then needed to only hit the sixth and final shot from just inside half court. You would think that one of the three could hit that shot in the next 40 seconds. Obviously, you would think wrong, because they certainly did not put on for their city... which happens to be the host city of this weekend's festivities.

-Could the Playstation Skills Competition have been any more lackluster this year? In past year's we would see some of the NBA's best guards putting up times in the high 20-second marks... this year, none of the four broke the 30-second mark. Congrats to rookie Derrick Rose though for nonchalantly smoking the rest of the field. For the record, wasn't Nate Robinson's first dunk of the night the same one Rose threw down at the end of his obstacle course run?

-As for the night's premiere event, the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest: I liked the showmanship more than some of the dunks. Without a doubt, Dwight Howard bringing in another basket with a fork lift and dunking the ball at 12 feet was impressive, as was his off-the-side-of-the-backboard dunk in the final round. Robinson's dunk over Howard was also pretty remarkable, considering Robinson is 5'8" on a good day and Howard is nearly 7-feet tall. However, when Robinson stepped off of his fellow player's back, it clearly marked the lowpoint of the event. I mean, some of my friends could do that at the gym. Robinson being Howard's kryptonite (or rather, kryptoNATE) during the contest was a great touch on the evening though. Again, bringing the showmanship back into this competition makes for great t.v., even if the dunks didn't live up to the hype.

-Clearly, dunk contests are no longer bourgeois, as LeBron James "preliminarily" entered his name into next season's dunk contest. This will hopefully make for one hell of a contest next year, and hopefully one of the most memorable ones ever, if LeBron could live up to the immense hype that will inevitably build over the next year.

To whet your appetite --- because I know you are salivating just thinking of King James in the dunk contest --- I will leave you all with some highlights of the last time that LeBron participated in a dunk contest.

P.S. I wonder if LeBron will use Damon Jones as a prop again for the contest.

Skip ahead to about the 2:05-mark for LeBron's dunks.

He double-clutched! That is so bourgeois!

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