Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Roid's Press Conference

Just a couple of quick thoughts on A-Rod's press conference today.

- "I knew we weren't taking Tic Tacs...": ummm didn't he say he was injected with the substances and did not take them orally? Is it just me, or did he contradict himself here? Perhaps it was just a really bad analogy.

- The Unnamed Cousin: Does anyone really believe that A-Rod got the steroids from an unnamed cousin? Or is this just a "brilliant" ploy to throw the media off of his scent and send them on a wild goose chase searching for this cousin of his?

- Stumped!: Anyone else notice when A-Rod got stumped after one of the reporters basically asked him, "if you didn't think you were doing something wrong, then why did you do it in secret and in the Dominican Republic," or something along those lines?

- The label didn't say, "Steroids...": A-Rod also said he didn't think that what he was taking was steroids. Hmmm, that's why he went to the DR and did it in secret instead of consulting his trainers in the US.

And by far my favorite part of the presser was when one reporter asked A-Rod if he considered what he did as cheating. His response: "That's not for me to judge."

Well, excuse me Alex, but I do believe that you are to judge on that one, the question was addressed to you. As for the real answer, yes, A-Rod, you cheated. You cheated the game of baseball, your fans and your teammates for at least three seasons. Who's to say you haven't done it at other times?

I mean, come on, A-Rod was even asked if he would have come forward and admitted to doping and answered that he isn't sure. Translation: "No, I wouldn't have. I lied to Katie Couric, why wouldn't I lie to the rest of you all. I wasn't losing any sleep over it for the past eight years and if it wasn't for someone opening their mouth then I wouldn't be here in this situation in front of all of you today."

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