Friday, January 2, 2009

Texas Tech: McCluster****ed

Apparently 94% of people said Ole Miss couldn't beat Texas Tech, at least according to the Ole Miss players holding up a dry erase board on the sideline at the end of the Cotton Bowl.

Well, those 94% were wrong: Ole Miss 47 - Texas Tech 34.

As a Gator, it's good to see the team we lost to stomp the team that Tech coach Mike Leach voted 2nd in the final Coaches' Poll.

All-purpose back Dexter McCluster went wild(Rebel) on the Red Raiders, accounting for 182 total yards on offense and a touchdown, as the entire Rebel offense accounted for 523 yards.

It's good to see that ESS EEE SEEE SPEEED still prevails over all, even against one of the nation's most prolific offenses.

Let's hope the same result happens when the SEC and Big 12 square off in Miami next week.

That is, of course, if Tim Tebow isn't still playing right tackle for Cincinatti under a pseudonym. Because, you know, Florida kind of needs him.

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