Monday, January 12, 2009

Superman Returns

"One more thing. Let's do it again, I'm coming back."

The dramatic fashion with which Tim Tebow announced he will return for his senior season made a stadium of roughly 40,000 Gator fans erupt in celebration. The eruption was so loud that you might have thought Florida just won another national title. Maybe they already did.

I don't want to get bold and predict a repeat for Florida in 2009, but with Tebow returning to guide the best offense in Florida football history, you have to like their chances. Superman will be in Gainesville for one more year, ready to cement his place in college football history (if he hasn't already).

However, the biggest questions remaining are whether the two other (super)heroes on the team will be back as well.

Brandon Spikes, by some accounts, will come back for his senior season and bypass the possibility of being a first-round draft pick by the NFL. That would give Florida all 11 starters on an already stacked defense returning in 2009. Charlie Strong must be as giddy as Florida fans by that possibility.

Percy Harvin, on the other hand, has until Thursday to make his decision. It should be a no-brainer for the lightning-quick, shifty, injury prone all-purpose wide receiver to take his first round potential and cash in with the NFL before he succombs to a more serious injury. However, after Sunday's celebration in the Swamp, Harvin told Sun Sports that he's leaning towards coming back for his senior season as well.

If so, Florida has got to be the undeniable favorite for next season, and would no doubt be reminiscent of the 2007 Gators basketball team that returned all five starters for a repeat.

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