Friday, January 9, 2009

Other Thoughts on the National Championship

I cannot emphasize enough how sick Major Wright's hit on Oklahoma's Manny Johnson was, so we'll show it to you again, because this exact scene is replaying in Sooners wide receivers' minds today.

- Is Tim Tebow the greatest COLLEGE football player of all time? I'm not quite sure, though he is certainly up there. Without a doubt, the mark he has left on the game is unquestionable. He has been an integral part of two national title squads, has become the first sophomore to win the Heisman trophy, the first player to throw and rush for 20+ touchdowns in a single season, and finished with the most first place votes in this year's Heisman ceremony. If he leaves Florida now, he will go down as the greatest player at Florida ever, but if he stays one more year, he has a chance to become the best player anywhere, ever.

- If Tebow does leave, I will die a little bit inside. But if he stays, Florida has got to be the preseason favorite to win it all again, even if they lose Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes to the NFL draft.

- What could have been Harvin's last college game certainly was a show, as he and Urban Meyer promised. He's just too complete of a skill player, that probably fits the Reggie Bush, Steve Smith mold in the NFL.

- If Charlie Strong does not have suitors lining up at his doorstep trying to lure him away from Florida for a head coaching position somewhere, there is something terribly wrong with this world. The man devised game plans to shut down two prolific offenses (led by Heisman winners) in two BCS national title games (Ohio State and Oklahoma). As difficult as it would be to watch him leave for another team, he without a doubt deserves the shot and has earned it.

- Is there any more debate over which conference is the best in college football? The Big 12 may have been the most exciting to watch, but in two head-to-head bowl games with the SEC, the Big 12 lost both. Texas Tech lost to Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl, and obviously, last night's title game.

- The Big 12 South needed a late-game touchdown pass from Colt McCoy to Quan Cosby to barely finish the bowl season 1-4, with Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Missouri and Oklahoma State all losing their bowl games.

- Texas and USC should not be whining about being number one. Their conference commissioners agreed to the current BCS format. Utah didn't have a chance this year because they started the season too low in the pecking order. Get over it. We are not going to get a playoff anytime soon, and a "plus-one" as many people want, would have also left out one of those teams this year, so deal with it. It's and imperfect system, but that's what happens when you have 119 teams playing a 12-game schedule in 11 different conferences (plus Independent teams). It if difficult to compare teams when you have that many, and that little regulation between conferences.

-What will be the punishment that Utah Coach Kyle Wittingham will receive for failing to vote Florida number one in the final coaches poll, in which all coaches are obligated to vote for the winner of the BCS title game?

- Fox should not be able to broadcast college football games. They don't broadcast any during the season, so why should they get the biggest game of the year? Their commentators are horrible and don't make the broadcast any more interesting.

- Speaking of that broadcast, Thom Brennaman certainly loved Tebow. The question of the night: Just how much better of a person would we all be if we spent a day with Tebow?

- Bob Stoops was horribly outcoached by Meyer and Co. There's really nothing more to say about that, the game film speaks for itself.

Now it's time to get back to basking in the awesomeness that is sweet, sweet victory.

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  1. Tom,

    I agree will all of your points in this post and the previous one. The timing of Major Wright's hit was as good as it gets in any sport, as was Tebow's performance in the latter parts of the game.

    Many articles today claimed that it was a sloppy game. While I did cringe a couple of times, what I mostly saw was a well planned and executed defensive game.

    I was concerned with Tebow's performance in the first half and was afraid that perhaps Brett Farve was still hanging around Dolphin Stadium. I suspect that it was not entirely his fault. According to one report he requested leave to run the ball himself. Once he was able to do that the offence opened up. Nonetheless, Tebow can still thank the defence for holding on while he and the rest of the offence corrected.

    They say that Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas. Well, perhaps Tim Tebow now wears Florida Defence pajamas.